Role of Medical Representative

Role of Medical Representative

Role of medical representative is to create demand for an existing product or launch new product ensuring availability at retailers and stockiest.

The role of Medical Representative is very challenging. They represent the total company in a given territory. They have to work hard from morning to midnight at different hospitals, clinics, doctor's chambers, pharmacies etc. They have to meet with different types of people doctors, nurses, pharmacy owners, clinic’s managers and even sometimes with general people. They have to achieve their target by generating prescriptions. They need to earn knowledge regarding the human body and microbiology. They need to be master in product knowledge, selling skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and time management to become a good Medical Representative.

Medical Representatives are the building blocks of a company. They form the platform of the company in front of customers and share the vision, promote the products of the company and achieves the given objectives, in turn, which get converted into revenue for the company.

Medical representatives are the key point of contact between pharmaceutical and medical companies and health care professionals, promoting product awareness, answering queries, providing advice and introducing new products. Excellent sales skills are a key requirement for medical representatives.


Responsibilities and Role of Medical Representative


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Daily Activities of Medical Representative / Medical Representative Day

A typical day may involve one-on-one meetings with doctors, pharmacists or nurses in their offices or places of business to monitor their supply of drugs and to inform them of forthcoming changes. The representative will introduce them to new products from his company. In the afternoon, he might visit hospitals to meet with doctors on staff to persuade them to purchase his products.


How to become a Medical Representative

It costs millions to produce a drug and to sell them in this competitive pharmaceutical business world. The pharma industries need people who can sell their products to the doctors, pharmacists, and chemists. These companies recruit the medical representatives (Sales Representative) for the purpose of introducing their new products to the doctors, pharmacists, chemists or other healthcare professionals who regularly prescribe medicines to the patients.

Medical representatives specialize in one area and make the health professionals prescribe the particular product of their company. Their job is to promote the existing medicine to the doctors, pharmacists, and chemists. They discuss the clinical usage, dosages, etc. with the pharmacists and doctors.

Medical representatives (MR) are the people who perform key communication between the medical professionals and the drug manufacturing companies. Their responsibilities also include the promotion of the company's products to the GPs and doctors in the hospitals. For this purpose, they have to do a one-to-one communication or meetings with those medical professionals.

Qualifying Exam

Those who wish to be a medical representative (MR) should acquire a bachelor’s degree in a related field. The specialization in pharmacy, business or healthcare is preferred. Those, who have qualified in another field can also be a medical representative. However, they will have to take to some training session about the diseases and related drugs in which they want to specialize. Some pharmaceutical companies prefer candidates with a qualification in business or biosciences, while some other companies prefer candidates with sales backgrounds.

Who is eligible to apply?

Candidates who have pursued the higher secondary education with biology and mathematics from any reputed schools/institutions can join for the bachelor’s degree in related field. Some top universities offer the related programs like pharmacy, biosciences, healthcare, and business of four years duration. The admission to the schools/institutions will be based on entrance tests organized by them.

Key points in the process

Medical Representative Skills

Interpersonal skills are required to develop trust and rapport that are a necessary part of the sales process. You must be able to speak the language of the medical profession by becoming familiar with complex medical terms and procedures. You will need to be able to manage your time and project a highly professional image in the market.


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