Why medicines have crazy names?

Medicines are known by their name just as humans are known by their names. Pharmaceutical companies have to name them to identify individually because a company can not sell their products without naming them. The brand name is the important factor of a product after the product's quality and packaging from the consumer's points
of view.

A brand is a name, logo, design or a symbol which allows us to differentiate one product from another one.

A drug which is being marketed by a pharmaceutical company has three names: Chemical name, Generic name, Brand name.

Chemical Name: It is decided on the basis of the chemical structure of the drug mainly used by the researchers. Its chemical name is very difficult to pronounce and remember because it is

Generic Name: Drug’s official name is generic name throughout its lifetime. The generic name is mainly used by professionals in the medical field and is usually created when a new drug is ready to be marketed.

Brand Name: Although the generic name is in the public domain, the brand name is owned by the pharmaceutical products manufacturer and can be created as soon as the generic name has been approved.

Government Notification on generic and brand name implementation:

It is mandatory for all the pharma companies to print generic names of the drug larger than the brand name.
It is suggested to print generic name two font larger than brand name font size, said the Union health ministry.

The change in font size is mandatory for all type of formulations, except combinations of vitamins

and FDC (fixed-dose combinations) consisting of more than 3 molecules.

1. For products with Brand Name and generic name

For Eg. Brand Name: Acrimol

Generic name: Aceclofenac, Paracetamol Tablets

2. For products having 3 or more ingredients

3. For products with Generic name only

Go through Checklist for preparation of Artworks as per Govt. Notification on generic and brand name and schedule H implementation.