Pharma Visual Aid Design Guide and Samples

Pharma Visual Aid

Every business has to do some promotion to spread awareness about their product or services. It is also same for PCD pharma franchise business. You have to do the same for your business which means that you have to look for ways to promote your pharmaceutical product.

Don't worry, you don't have to research to introduce a new method to promote products. There are already many ways to promote pharmaceutical products such as LBL, Broucher, Visual Aid and Thank You Card, etc. Pharma Visual Aid takes the first position in these methods of promotion. By using it for promotion, your brand can become well-known and well accepted it the pharmaceutical market.

A well-designed visual aid has all the necessary information about the product. This information helps the viewer to get a lot of knowledge about the particular product. A well-designed means: it should contain information about the product brand name, the composition of salts, the advantages of the product after use, and many other things which we will show you below. The visual aid should be creative and visually comforting.

Visual Aid Design Samples


prima visual aid FRONT  prima visual aid carvical  prima visual aid chocovib  prima visual aid Laxivib


Different shape of Pharma Visual Aid design

There are many different shapes of Visual aid. Here are some popular design shapes:

10" X 13"

Visual Aid cypronect  Visual Aid gelovib
  Visual Aid montivib lc  Visual Aid multivib

17" X 11" BINDING


front pharma visual aid design                         carvical forte pharma visual aid
hexovib pharma visual aid                         volvib pharma visual aid



 pharma visual aid chocovib    pharma visual aid carvical    pharma visual aid Laxivib



Pharma Visual Aid Design Guide

Here is the guide to design a visual aid. We have indicated all the main points which should be in it like Brand Name, Composition, Product type, Salt Name, and Indication.

visual aid design guide Acrimol SP Product Page

1. Brand Name

Brand Name is a unique name for a particular product and it should not be matched with any other products available in the market. Every company Should apply for the trademark of the product which shows the brand name is owned solely by the manufacturer or marketing company of the product. The brand name is chosen by the company that wants to promote the product and it is a marketing strategy.

2. Composition

It Shows the salts/api present in the drug in exact ammount. This information is very important for the doctor to find out when he can prescribe that medicine.

3. Product Type

It shows that what kind of product it is. Here is the list of available product in the market.

4. Salt Name

It shows the available ingredients in the medicine.

5. Indication

This section helps you to understand that when it can be prescribed. If we talk about this product particularly, this can be prescribed for Cervical Pain, Spondylitis, Osteoarthritic Pain, Traumatic & Fracture Pain, Post-Operative Pain, and Dental Pain

Advantages of Pharma Visual Aid

The pharma visual aid is basically a piece of printed literature or an electronic document showing product information. The MR (Marketing Representative) use it to show the product detail to the doctors. It is made up of photos, text, brand logos, and charts to inform all the details about the product.

Visuals are really Powerful

It takes a few seconds to understand a picture and it leaves a long-lasting impression in viewer's mind. As an old saying goes, "A single image speaks a thousand words". Graphics used in it helps users and doctors to keep the product in their memory.


It shows all the important information about the product. It consists of texts, images, and symbols. Basically, it helps the doctor to remember the medicine for long and it would be easy for a doctor to prescribe the medicine to the patient.

Why is it important to have visual aids?

The reason behind is that it has a lot of important information about the medicine itself which help a doctor or a medical representative to understand the product well and there is strong possibility that a doctor may prescribe the medicine later to his/her patients. A visual aid clearly mentions all the necessary information of the product like brand name, its composition, the salt used in it, advantages, indications which shows that who can use it and which should not use it.



The Pharma Visual Aids are the marketing materials that can contain in it related images, photographs, and text. It helps the doctors and pharma practitioner to get the information about the product and its usages. If we talk about the doctors particularly, it helps them to remember it for long so that they can prescribe to their patients later on and if we talk about the medical practitioner, it will help them to get the information about the composition used for a particular product. This will help them for their future endeavors.