Know how Vibcare Pharma is encouraging growth in the pharma franchise sector

Amidst the growth boom in the pharma franchise sector, Vibcare Pharma has emerged as a forerunner among the companies leading the charge. While the pharma franchise company is already a household name in India, it is now carving more opportunities and areas of growth over the last few years.

With its focus on innovation and customer-centric philosophy, Vibcare Pharma has redefined the landscape of pharmaceutical franchising, making it an ideal partner for those seeking success in the dynamic healthcare market.

Here's how they have been doing it:

Unlocking entrepreneurship opportunities

Vibcare Pharma's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship opportunities sets it apart in the pharma franchise sector. By allowing aspiring individuals to venture into the pharmaceutical business, the company empowers them to realize their dreams of owning a successful enterprise. With a robust support system and a wide range of high-quality products, Vibcare Pharma equips franchise partners with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in the competitive market.

Tremendous range of products

As a forward-thinking pharma franchise company, Vibcare Pharma recognizes the importance of a diverse product portfolio. To cater to the ever-evolving healthcare needs of the populace, the company offers an expansive range of pharmaceutical products. From essential medicines to specialized therapies, franchise partners have access to a comprehensive array of offerings, enabling them to address varied medical requirements in their respective regions.

Focus on quality and compliance.

Vibcare Pharma's unwavering commitment to quality and compliance is one of the primary reasons behind its remarkable growth in the pharma franchise sector. The company adheres to stringent manufacturing standards, ensuring all its products meet the highest quality benchmarks. Furthermore, Vibcare Pharma complies with all relevant regulations and guidelines, assuring franchise partners of dealing with a reputable and responsible pharmaceutical company.

Emphasis on training

In its quest to uplift the pharma franchise sector, Vibcare Pharma places great emphasis on continuous training. The company organizes regular training programs, workshops, and seminars for its franchise partners to keep them abreast of the latest medical advancements and sales techniques. Such initiatives equip franchisees with the knowledge required to promote products effectively but also help them build enduring relationships with customers based on trust and expertise.

Want to grow and succeed in the market with the leading pharma franchise company in India? Then contact Vibcare Pharma today.

Benefits of Partnering with Vibcare Pharma in PCD Pharma Franchise

In the pharmaceutical industry, the PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution) franchise model is one of the best ways to expand your business potential. Although there are many such pharma companies, Vibcare Pharma is in a class apart from the rest.

Vibcare Pharma has established a reputation for itself in offering the most lucrative benefits and opportunities that one may expect from a PCD pharma franchise. Let's find out what they are:

PCD pharma franchise benefits and opportunities you can get from Vibcare Pharma

Unmatched product portfolio

Partnering with Vibcare Pharma in a PCD Pharma franchise opens doors to an extensive and diverse product portfolio. With a wide range of high-quality and affordable pharmaceutical products, you can address diverse medical needs in the market. From medicines for common ailments to specialized treatments, Vibcare Pharma ensures a comprehensive offering, boosting the potential for profitability and success.

Strong market reputation

A significant advantage of associating with Vibcare Pharma is its strong brand reputation. The company has garnered trust and recognition over the years due to its commitment to quality, ethical practices, and customer-centric approach. Partnering with an established and reputable brand like Vibcare Pharma can significantly reduce the challenges associated with market penetration and gaining customer trust. The brand's goodwill helps accelerate the acceptance and adoption of products in the market, setting the stage for a successful venture.

Marketing and promotional assistance

Effective marketing and promotion are vital for any successful pharmaceutical business. Vibcare Pharma understands this and offers its franchise partners excellent marketing and promotional support. From promotional materials, visual aids, and product literature to digital marketing assistance, the company equips its partners with the necessary tools to reach a wider audience.

Training and skill development

Staying updated with the latest medical advancements and industry trends is essential. Vibcare Pharma invests in your growth by providing regular training and skill development programs. You can gain access to product knowledge, sales tactics, and other essential skills to navigate the market effectively.

As evident from the above, partnering with Vibcare Pharma will provide benefits and opportunities.

Get in touch with Vibcare Pharma today and unlock your potential!

Boost Your Business with a Reliable Third-Party Manufacturing Company

The PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution) business model is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. In this model, a PCD pharma franchise company produces its own trademarked products and then recruits PCD pharma distributors to promote and expand the franchise. This approach has been successful over time, benefiting not only the pharmaceutical industry but also patients. It enables better product distribution to remote areas that were previously difficult to reach, resulting in increased accessibility and availability of pharmaceutical products for patients in need.

Engaging in a PCD pharma franchise business presents a multitude of advantages, with one being the low-risk factor involved in this model. This is due to the fact that a PCD pharma franchise company already has a pre-existing sales structure in place, as well as a recognisable brand name and image. Furthermore, investing in this kind of business can reap substantial profits in a relatively short amount of time, as it eliminates the need for expensive R&D or infrastructure development.

Another advantage of the PCD pharma franchise model is the low investment capital required to start, making it possible for aspiring entrepreneurs to engage in the industry with minimal financial risk. By working with a PCD pharma franchise company, the distributor can minimise administrative expenditures related to product development, licensing, and distribution.

Moreover, the PCD pharma franchise business model also offers the added benefit of monopoly rights, allowing franchisees to operate in specific territories, which can help them to establish themselves as a dominant player in the pharma industry. Engaging in this kind of business presents an array of benefits for those considering entering the pharma industry.

We at Vibcare are the leading PCD pharma franchise company in India. With over 40 years of experience in this industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy third-party manufacturer. We are fully committed to providing services with complete transparency. Let's work together to make an impact in the healthcare sector!

Pharma Franchise Opportunities with Top PCD Franchise Companies

A PCD pharma franchise company can provide profitable opportunities and help establish your business in the pharmaceutical industry. It gives you access to various health and medical products while supporting your business and providing essential services to boost your brand name.

If you are interested in joining the pharmaceutical industry, opening a franchise can get you started quickly and provide you with a solid footing in the sector. It will connect you with more potential clients and increase your chances of success with minimal investment and risk. However, you must partner with a reputable company to experience the benefits.

Discover the opportunities

A PCD pharma franchise company provides quick access to more quality products, such as cosmetics, antibiotics, and nutritional supplements. You don’t have to start from scratch when you partner with them, as you will get a range of resources for easy product access and better branding. This way, you can get ahead of your competitors and simplify the path to making a name for yourself in the industry.

Partnering with a reputable PCD pharma franchise offers a fast path to success in the pharmaceutical industry. You can quickly access distribution rights, proven and established products, and more. Top PCD pharma franchise companies use proven models that will allow you to meet the growing demand for pharmaceutical products and meet your customer's needs.

Go big with a PCD pharma franchise.

A PCD pharma franchise is a unique opportunity to quickly establish your own market share and start a successful business venture. It minimises the risk of starting a new business as it gives instant access to support, partners, and products that are relevant to the industry and day-to-day operations.

Meet the top PCD pharma franchise company.

Vibcare Pharma is a trusted and thriving pharmaceutical company in India offering a wide range of products, including capsules, tablets, syrups, creams, injectables, lotions, and more. You also get promotional materials at no extra cost. Send an enquiry now, and the customer support team will take care of your needs.

Future of pcd pharma franchise company post COVId-19 in 2021

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing at a rapid rate and so you can invest in a PCD pharma franchise company to get good profits. Most people were not aware of the PCD pharma franchise and what it actually means (more…)

Pharma Franchise Opportunity in India

Pharma Franchise Opportunity

Vibcare Pharma is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in the region. Vibcare Pharma is the leading Pharmaceutical company and one of the most trusted company for PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India. We have over 600 products and 5+ divisions and offering you the best Pharma franchise opportunity.

We have a wide range of Tablets, Capsules, Softgel Capsules, Injectables, Syrups, Dry Syrups, Oils, Lotions, Drops, Sachet. Our dedicated customer support team takes care of all your issues.

Why our customers love us?

Best Packaging







We have a team of experienced design professionals. They take care of every element in the design and give their best to make it look unique and awesome.

Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. The product packaging also refers to the process of designing and producing packages.


Best Customer Support
We understand customer's pain, how frustrated it becomes when a company doesn't support their customers well even gives some excuses to escape from the problem. In Pharma business, it is very hard to keep on track of all the previous records of your products or transactions, to make it easy for you we have Dedicated Account Manager, who will assist you 24x7. You can call him/her whenever you are in need.

Track Goods
We offer this service to track you the goods you purchase from us. We are tied up with the top shipment service providers to give you better service.

Latest Molecules
We keep tracking trending molecules in the market which are making their space in the market and launch them as soon as possible.

Huge Promotional Material
We are known for the promotional material in the market. Our customers just love them. We offer promotional materials like;

WHO-GMP Certified

Vibcare Pharma is WHO-GMP Certified pharmaceutical company.

ISO Certified
Vibcare Pharma is an ISO Certified company trusted by over 1000 PCD Customers.

Industry Experience

We have more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Products

products by vibcare pharma


Our Divisions

auspin divisioncure divisiongrace divisionprima divisionmind divisionoptho division





Why you should grab Pharma Franchise Opportunity offered by Vibcare Pharma?

We, at Vibcare Pharma, deliver expertise through our products. Vibcare Pharma taking pharma industry forward through our wide range of high-quality drugs which are highly used in the industry. We meet the patient's medical needs who are suffering from serious diseases as well. Become our partner and get the best growth pharma franchise opportunity from our end. We regularly work on raising our quality standards and providing trending products.

Here are the some of the best things which make us best for Pharma PCD Franchise business in India:

Our Franchisee Terms and Conditions are EASY;



Payment Terms

Sales Terms


Contact us for more information about the Pharma Franchise Opportunity offered by Vibcare Pharma. You can call us at 9888988858, one of our representatives will assist you in the best possible way.


Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India - 2023 List

top 10 pcd pharma companies in india
        Top 10 pcd pharma companies in India

The pharma business in India ranks third position in the world in terms of volume and fourteenth in terms of value. According to IBEF report, the pharmaceutical sector was valued at US$ 33 billion in 2017. The country’s pharmaceutical industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 22.4 per cent over 2015–20 to reach US$ 55 billion.

India’s pharmaceutical exports stood at US$ 17.27 billion in FY18 and have reached US$ 19.14 billion in FY19. Pharmaceutical exports include bulk drugs, intermediates, drug formulations, biologicals & herbal products and surgicals.

Indian companies received 304 Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) approvals from the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) in 2017. The country accounts for around 30 per cent (by volume) and about 10 per cent (value) in the US$ 70-80 billion US generics market.

India's biotechnology industry comprising bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-services, bio-agriculture, bio-industry and bioinformatics is expected grow at an average growth rate of around 30 per cent a year and reach US$ 100 billion by 2025.

When it comes to pcd pharma companies, things are a little bit different and is challenging to find out how credible or reputed a company is because there is no trusted guide available on the internet. Some reputed lists like show list based on packages.

They charge Companies Lakhs of rupees to display their name on the top, the problem here is that they do not do a thorough check for the company they are calling "Industry Leader."

We wanted to show you a genuine comparison between the top pcd pharma companies.

Here is the list of top 10 pcd pharma companies in India which provide good pcd pharma franchise.

Top 10 pcd pharma companies in India:

1. Vibcare Pharma

Year of Establishment: 2013
Legal Status of Firm: Private Limited Company.
Certifications: ISO 9001:2008
Company Rating - 9.5/10
Location - Panchkula, Haryana.

Vibcare Pharma is the Industry Leader when it pcd pharma companies as they have over 1000 Active pcd pharma franchise all over India. They are a technology driven company which strives to set new benchmarks in the industry.

They believe in providing best in class service and promotional material to boost your productivity and business.

All of their products are manufactured in WHO-GMP Certified plants which means that they are of the highest standards. They offer one of the best promotional inputs in the industry.

Read more about Vibcare Pharma.

2. ZEE Laboratories

Year of Establishment: 1994
Legal Status of Firm: Public Limited Company.
Certifications: ISO 9001:2000, CGMP.
Company Rating - 8.5/10
Location - Karnal, Haryana.

They are one of the oldest companies. They have been providing PCD Pharma franchise in India since 1994.

Engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a diverse array of Pharmaceutical Medicines. Zee involves in export of medicines with almost 20% of their turnover coming from international markets.

3. Auspin Pharma

Year of Establishment: 2015
Legal Status of Firm: Private Limited Company.
Certifications: ISO 9001:2008
Company Rating - 9.5/10
Location - Panchkula, Haryana.

This company is a sister concern of Vibcare Pharma and is run on the same ideology. They also have been providing PCD Pharma franchise in India. This company was started to cop-up with the increasing demand in bigger markets like Maharashtra, Andhra, and Telangana.

They offer products of the same quality as Vibcare pharma and this being a new company in the market customers have a better pharma franchise opportunity in achieving a higher rate of growth.

4. Mankind Pharma

Year of Establishment: 1995
Legal Status of Firm: Public Limited Company.
Certifications: ISO 9001:2008
Company Rating - 9/10
Location - New Delhi, NCR.

Although Mankind Pharma came into existence in 1986, it wasn't until 1995, they actively started working as a fully integrated pharmaceutical company.

In the Year 2015, they started providing pharma franchise in India and are now among the best pcd pharma companies. This pcd pharma companies list would have been incomplete without Mankind Pharma.


Year of Establishment: 2011
Legal Status of Firm: Private Limited Company.
Certifications: ISO 9001:2008
Company Rating - 8/10
Location - Bengaluru, Karnataka.

They Started in 1981 as Intra Labs and 2011 They Separated from the main company to form Intra Life.

IntraLife has a very comprehensive product range of over 1500 Products and has a Pan India presence. With divisions like Doxis Laboratories, Cutis Derma Care, Inhalers, Intra Care, Intra Ayurveda and Life Caps they cover almost all the therapeutic segments.

In 2016 They launched SAMARPAN FOUNDATION' as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, with a mission to uplift the poor and disabled children and to tackle the issues that impact society.

6. Zota Healthcare

Year of Establishment: 2000
Legal Status of Firm: Public Limited Company.
Certifications: CRISIL Rating - SE 1A, ISO 9001:2008, WHO
Company Rating - 8/10
Location - Surat, Gujrat.

Zota Healthcare Provides Ayurvedic Syrup, Pharmaceutical Tablet, Pharmaceutical Capsule, Pharmaceutical Granules, Ayurvedic Capsule, etc. Based out of Gujrat Zota has Grown at an impressive rate thanks to their philosophy of Innovate and Excel. They have a remarkable R&D Program because of which they have received eight patents in India.

They are leading pcd pharma companies in India and provide excellent quality pharma franchise. In April 2017, Zota successfully launched their IPO, currently listed in NSE SME.

7. Talent HealthCare

Year of Establishment: 2004
Legal Status of Firm: Partnership Firm.
Certifications: ISO 9001:2008
Company Rating - 7.5/10
Location - Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Talent Healthcare is Ahmedabad-Gujrat Based Pharma Formulation Mfg. The organization has two detailing units at Ahmedabad and Sidcul-Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

They are a sister worry of Talent Laboratories which was begun in 1993 in Gujrat. They Manufacture Tablets, Capsules, Dry Powder syrups and infusion dry powder vial.

Talent among the top 10 pcd pharma companies in India and provide Third party manufacturing service to other pharma companies in India. Listed as Industry Leader in pcd pharma company category of

8. Leehpl Ventures

Year of Establishment: 2011
Legal Status of Firm: Private Limited Company.
Certifications: ISO 9001: 2008
Company Rating - 8.5/10
Location - Nagpur, Maharashtra.

They have quickly gained the reputation as an export-oriented company, Leehpl focus on providing pcd pharma franchise in India. Started in 2011 by Mr. Jeetendra Belani they have significant Business interests in countries like UAE , UK, Singapore Etc. Apart from Providing a good range of NSAIDs, PPIs, Nutraceuticals they provide niche product ranges including Anti Asthmatic, ED Products, Eye care, Epilepsy Medication, HIV Medication, Infertility drugs etc.

9 DM Pharma

Year of Establishment: 1999
Legal Status of Firm: Partnership.
Certifications: ISO 9001: 2008, WHO, GLP
Company Rating - 9/10
Location - Chandigarh, Punjab.

DM Pharma started as a manufacturer. They deal in therapeutic segments such was antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, cardiovascular, antilipidemic, Antibes, muscle relaxant, immunosuppressant, antimalarial and anti-infective, etc.

With their acquisition of companies like Saar Biotech and Rainbow human care, they have expanded their manufacturing capacities many folds. They have over ten pcd pharma franchise Divisions and deserve to be on the list.

10. Cubit Healthcare

Year of Establishment: Unknown
Legal Status of Firm: Partnership.
Certifications: Unknown
Company Rating - 7/10
Location - Ahmedabad, Gujrat.

They Focus primarily on providing pharma pcd franchise in India and have a good reputation among other pcd pharma companies. Cubit several pcd pharma franchise divisions which focus on therapeutic segments like Psychiatric, diabetic, optho care, derma, oral and gynae products.

We hope you liked our top 10 pcd pharma companies in India 2020 List.


Join the best PCD Pharma Companies in India! They offer reasonable value rates of pharmaceutical products in all the places of India. Selecting right company to get successful business is very important for good growth as well.

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